September 2012 Commit Log

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tboeckel 2012-09-21 13:52 Rev.: 6281

* tcp/pop3.c: the transfer window will no longer show the download statistics based on the total number of mails on the server but only on the number of mails to be actually transferred and/or deleted.

17 lines of code changed in 1 file:

tboeckel 2012-09-20 09:12 Rev.: 6280

* YAM.c, YAM_CO.c, YAM_COg.c: YAM will now trust any active DST tool and the system time zone information. If trustable informations are found the corresponding objects in the config window will be disabled to avoid any confusion between local (YAM) settings and system settings. If a different time zone is required then use the system prefs to change this.

38 lines of code changed in 4 files:

tboeckel 2012-09-19 17:53 Rev.: 6279

* YAM_CO.c: use TZA_UTCOffsetSTD instead of TZA_UTCOffset.

2 lines of code changed in 1 file:

tboeckel 2012-09-19 16:24 Rev.: 6278

* YAM.c, YAM_CO.c, YAM_COg.c: favor the time zone information obtained from timezone.library over locale.library on AmigaOS4. If timezone.library is available the manual time zone selection will be inhibited.

41 lines of code changed in 3 files:

tboeckel 2012-09-19 15:26 Rev.: 6277

* YAM.c, YAM_CO.c: disabling the DST checkmark object now depends on the availability of timezone.library.

19 lines of code changed in 2 files:

tboeckel 2012-09-19 12:26 Rev.: 6276

* YAM_CO.c: avoid a NULL pointer access in case there is no "first" identity.

5 lines of code changed in 1 file:

tboeckel 2012-09-19 12:20 Rev.: 6275

* YAM_CO.c: added some debug output in case the configured time zone or DST settings do not match the system settings.

14 lines of code changed in 1 file:

tboeckel 2012-09-18 12:42 Rev.: 6274

* UserIdentity.c: in case no matching user identity can be found for a given mail YAM will now fall back to the first available and active identity.

6 lines of code changed in 1 file:

damato 2012-09-16 08:30 Rev.: 6273

* misc: updated nightly build environment to new GCC 4.7.1 compiler
suite for the AmigaOS4 builds and fixed all 'warning: variable XXX set
but not used' warnings throughout the YAM code.

7 lines of code changed in 6 files:

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