March 2004 Commit Log

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damato 2004-03-30 01:21 Rev.: 1578

- YAM_MI.c: in analogy to the new base64 encoding routines I
again reworked the base64 decoding routines and introduced a
seperate I/O buffer. By using this buffer it was possible to
increase the overall performance of the decoding by ~300%.
Aside from this great speed up, the decoding should be much
more afer and accurate than before.

129 lines of code changed in 2 files:

damato 2004-03-26 01:05 Rev.: 1576

- YAM_MI.c, YAM_WR.c: completly rewrote the base64 file encoding
routines to use the recently new introduced base64encode()
function. Aside from the effect of having a more robust base64
file encoding routine now, this increased the performance
especially with large files to about 150% of the old retired
function. Now only the old UU and quoted printable routines
have to be rewritten to have all MIME I/O functions to be
uptodate and also hopefully sped up.

238 lines of code changed in 3 files:

damato 2004-03-26 01:02 Rev.: 1575

- YAM_AB.c: correctly fixed the DoubleClick and OpenFunc Hooks
where within the change on 14th February the default cases
had been specified incorrectly which caused different
problems in using the addressbook.

6 lines of code changed in 1 file:

amis 2004-03-25 21:07 Rev.: 1574

Fixed Address Book double click bug

1 lines of code changed in 1 file:

damato 2004-03-17 00:19 Rev.: 1573

- all: fixed a bunch of SAS/C dependent compiler warnings which
stopped YAM from compiling out-of-the-box.
Please note that a compilation with the old SAS/C compiler
is considered obsolete now. That means that future compilations
will be based on the gcc compiler builds. As a consequence,
future SAS/C compatibility will not ensured anymore. So this
is probably the last SAS/C compatibility change. This means
that if future versions will not build with SAS/C we are not
going to dig our heads deeper into those SAS/C dependent stuff.
So please move to gcc compilation if you are compiling YAM from

16 lines of code changed in 2 files:

damato 2004-03-10 01:49 Rev.: 1571

- YAM_global.c: moved the compiler information specification
from YAM.c to YAM_global.c,h as this is really a better place
for it. Also reverted the previously introduced
-m68020-60 CPU identification behaviour as this has been
changed in the latest gcc 3.3.3 68k version now.

22 lines of code changed in 3 files:

damato 2004-03-08 21:08 Rev.: 1568

- YAM_global.c: changed version string CPU information to
place a simple [68k] string to the $VER: string if YAM was
compiled with either the -m68020-40 or -m68020-60 option.

5 lines of code changed in 1 file:

damato 2004-03-08 02:59 Rev.: 1567

- added support for specifying socket options in the .config
file within the hidden section. Per default no additional
socket options are specified, so the TCP/IP stack defaults
are used. However, in some cases it may increase the
transfer speed and probably reduce the latency of connections.
Please note that the syntax for specifying socket options in
the hidden section is similar to specifying socket options
in Samba. For example, with LAN based connections it may make
sense to specify the "SocketOptions" option as:
In addition to that, the options "SO_SNDTIMEO=x" and
"SO_RCVTIMEO=x" may be usfull in cases where connections are
stalled and an automatic timeout for transfers are required.
To be more precise, documentation follows ASAP.
- added support for directly specifying the buffer size for
the TCP/IP routines of YAM in the hidden configuration
section. Per default a "TRBufferSize = 8192" is used, which
should be sufficient for most jobs.

252 lines of code changed in 6 files:

damato 2004-03-07 20:50 Rev.: 1566

- retired the old socket library includes in favour of the new
bsdsocket.library interface of Roadshow. This doesn`t mean you
need Roadshow for a working YAM, but it will allow us to use
special features of Roadshow in future as this is going to be
the default TCP/IP stack of future AmigaOS versions.

23 lines of code changed in 6 files:

damato 2004-03-07 15:07 Rev.: 1565

- YAM.c: added compiler version to compile information of the
about/splash window. As YAM can be compiled with different
versions and types of compilers it`s probably a good idea
to have an information about that in the about window.

24 lines of code changed in 1 file:

damato 2004-03-07 14:18 Rev.: 1564

- whoops, -ftracer shouldn't be in their as default as it break gcc 2.95.3

1 lines of code changed in 1 file:

damato 2004-03-07 14:16 Rev.: 1563

- all: fixed some more compiler warnings which occurred by
introducing the -W compiler option. Now xget() is defined
as an inline function and used everywhere throughout the
sources so that the type-punned gcc warnings of gcc3

223 lines of code changed in 18 files:

damato 2004-03-02 01:04 Rev.: 1559

- all: fixed some compiler warnings which are mainly caused by
unused parameters and so on.
- Makefiles: added -W option to get out more detailed warning
messages from the gcc compiler.

88 lines of code changed in 19 files:

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