January 2005 Commit Log

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damato 2005-01-31 01:41 Rev.: 1681

- misc: renamed the previously named "mail preview" to the more
intuitive name "embedded read pane" because in fact the new GUI
element is not only showing just a preview, but act as a full
embedded read window.

65 lines of code changed in 10 files:

damato 2005-01-31 01:06 Rev.: 1680

- classes/UserImage.c: implemented a new internal custom class which
manages the images of the addressbook users and displays it in the
read window or embeeded mailview, instead of the formerly used
Dtpic.mui class. Also implemented a small scaling routine which
uses the PDTM_SCALE method of picture.datatype to scale down
the image proportional if it exceeds the limit of 64x64 pixels.
This should also fix bug #1109541.

91 lines of code changed in 8 files:

damato 2005-01-28 10:18 Rev.: 1679

- YAM_MA.c: removed "-repeat" from the DELETE key definition that is
used to delete a mail from the main mailwindow. As deletion is a
very dangerous part it might be a good idea to not allow to hold
the delete key which would cause the continious deletion of several
mails if the user holds down the del key for too long.
- YAM_MA.c: fixed crash that occurred when trying to open a virtual
mail in a separate window.
- YAM_RE.c: fixed bug #1108922 which caused a crash upon closing the main
window if no mail preview was enabled and YAM was exited immediately
after the startup.
- YAM_RE.c, YAM_TR.c : fixed bug #1110862 where switching the mail preview
on/off could have left the user with the wrong or no mail displayed in the
mail preview. Also reworked some of the mail preview generation code
to be a bit cleaner.

150 lines of code changed in 9 files:

gnikl 2005-01-27 16:34 Rev.: 1677

Simplify timer functions, eg. use TC_Stop in TC_Start and TC_Exit.

31 lines of code changed in 1 file:

damato 2005-01-27 04:27 Rev.: 1676

- misc: added new StatusChangeDelay functionality to YAM that changes
the status of a NEW/UNREAD mail to READ only after a configured
time interval passed. This should increase the usability of the
previously introduced mail preview because YAM will now only change
the status of a mail after that short interval passed. However, for
doubleclicking a mail the behaviour hasn't been changed as that
user operation should be certain enough to tell that the user really
wanted to read that particular mail.

127 lines of code changed in 10 files:

damato 2005-01-27 01:05 Rev.: 1675

- ReadWindow.c, ReadMailGroup.c: the mailtextedit object will again be
the default object if a new read window is created.

23 lines of code changed in 3 files:

damato 2005-01-27 00:54 Rev.: 1674

- YAM_stringsizes.h: slightly modified the string sizes for the filename
and path buffers again.

2 lines of code changed in 1 file:

damato 2005-01-26 01:59 Rev.: 1673

- ReadMailGroup.c, YAM_UT.c: fixed a minor bug in the user image display
routines which caused unexpected crashes and behaviour when switching
between messages that cause YAM to display the appropriate user image.
Also slightlz modifed the display of those user images so that they
are aligned to the top and don't use a scrollgroup anymore which make
them a bit more compact.

42 lines of code changed in 2 files:

damato 2005-01-25 03:30 Rev.: 1672

- minor fixed to get OS3 version building again.

2 lines of code changed in 2 files:

damato 2005-01-25 03:25 Rev.: 1671

- some minor fixes to get YAM compiled for MorphOS again.

8 lines of code changed in 3 files:

damato 2005-01-25 01:56 Rev.: 1670

- YAM_MA.c: used the modular functionality of our new internal readmail
classes to integrate a MailPreview pane similar to others found in
mail clients like Thunderbird&Co. This pane always shows the currently
selected mail which allows to read the mail without having to open any
separate window. However, as this is a new major feature the pane can
be disabled in the main YAM configuration to ensure the old behaviour
without any pane.
In addition, to make the browsing in the mail list a bit smoother, the
pane will only load the new selected mail after a specified short time
interval which can however be altered in the hidden configuration of YAM.
Per default this timeinterval is 100ms, which means that if the user
hasn't moved on in the mail list for 100ms YAM will load and display the
last selected mail into the mailpreview pane.
- YAM_RE.c, ...: reworked the whole ReadWindow related codebase, separated
the window code from the readmail code and integrated it into own
internal custom MUI classes. This, aside from the more modular and
safer approach for reading mails, allows now to put an unlimited number
of readmail objects whereever required.
In fact, YAM does now support to open an unlimited number of read window
instead of just the old possible maximum of 3 simultaneous opened read
windows when the "Multiple windows" option is enabled in the YAM config.

ATTENTION: Please note that due to the heaps of changes in the
development of this new object-oriented readwindow facility, some
features dependent on the old behaviour might be broken. This can
include, but is not limited to, Arexx commands previously expecting/
serving only for up to a maximum of 3 possible read windows. So if you
stumble over a problem with the new readmail facility, please don't
hestitate to bring it to our attention so that we can fix it immediatly.

1753 lines of code changed in 25 files:

damato 2005-01-22 19:51 Rev.: 1669

- YAM_stringsizes.h: increased the SIZE_FILE buffer length define
to 107 and the SIZE_PATH define to 1024. This does not only fix
problem when trying to add files as an attachment if their filename
is larger than 30 chars, but also should make YAM a bit safer when
dealing with huge directory path lengths.

6 lines of code changed in 2 files:

damato 2005-01-22 13:47 Rev.: 1667

- YAM_MAf.c: YAM does now check the archive bit of the folder
directory and the .index file as well before issuing an automatic
index rebuild. This should prevent YAM from rescanning all folders
after a backup program has set all archive bits in a folder
directory and therefore modified the directory timestamp as well.
- extrasrc/getft.c: converted function to FileTime() function
in YAM_UT.c and removed file

85 lines of code changed in 11 files:

damato 2005-01-19 00:11 Rev.: 1666

- classes/MainFolderListtree.c: added an additional contextmenu item
which allows to expunge all mails in the deleted folder and which
is only available if used on the deleted folder.
- YAM_global.c: Changed the application wide copyright string to
reflect the new year.
- YAM.c: improved the expiration and developer version requesters to
show the new internet addresses for further reference.

72 lines of code changed in 6 files:

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