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damato 2013-08-13 21:17 Rev.: 6850

* tools/, resources/zoneinfo: fixed the script to
actually generate zoneinfo files which do not take leapseconds into account.
The reason for that is, that according to POSIX leap seconds are not counted
and thus a time_t value is always a continues number instead. Now the results
of our libtz.a functions like localtime(), etc. should be essentially the same
like on any UNIX/POSIX system. The zoneinfo files had been updated accordingly
and anyone is asked to update them respectively.

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damato 2013-03-10 15:47 Rev.: 6621

* resources/zoneinfo, tools/tzdata: added raw source files of the tzdata2013a
zoneinfo archive taken from and added a new shell
script to generate zoneinfo binary files in the newly created "zoneinfo"
directory in the resources path of YAM. This will allow to use these files
with our new zoneinfo query functions in libtz.a. This refs #10.

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